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==''Related Topics''==
* [[WMS:HY-8|Introduction]]
===Crossings Data===
* [[WMS:HY-8 Crossings|Crossings]]
* [[WMS:HY-8 Discharge Data|Discharge Data]]
====Roadway Data====
:* [[WMS:HY-8 Roadway Data|Roadway Data]]
:* [[WMS:HY-8 Roadway Profile|Roadway Profile]]
====Tailwater Data====
:* [[WMS:HY-8 Tailwater Data|Tailwater Data]]
:* [[WMS:HY-8 Channel Shape|Channel Shape]]
:* [[WMS:HY-8 Rating Curve|Rating Curve]]
:* [[WMS:HY-8 Constant Tailwater Elevation|Constant Tailwater Elevation]]
=====Irregular Channel=====
::* [[WMS:HY-8 Irregular Channel|Irregular Channel]]
::* [[WMS:HY-8 Irregular Channel Error|Irregular Channel Error]]

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The rating curve option represents flow rate versus tailwater elevation for the downstream channel. When the Enter Rating Curve option is selected, the user is prompted to define 11 increasing flow and elevation values, as shown below. When using this option a channel invert elevation (generally the same as the downstream invert of the culvert) is required so that a tailwater depth can be computed from the rating curve.