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  1. Open SMS.
  2. Got to the File menu and select Open.
  3. In the Open window browse to where you unzipped your xyz file.
    NOTE: If your bathymetry data from GEODAS were saved as ps3.zip a folder labeled ps3_data would contain your unzipped data. The xyz file would be in an additional folder labeled ps3 inside the ps3_data folder.
  4. Select the xyz file and click Open. The file import wizard will initialize.
  5. Check the settings, the defaults should be correct. Click the Next > button.
  6. On this page the SMS data type should be set to scatter set and the data columns should be mapped out. If not set them to X, Y, and Z respectively.
  7. Click the Finish button. Wait for the file to be loaded.
    NOTE: The map will appear as solid colors. For better viewing adjust display settings, i.e.; turn off points and turn on contours.

The bathymetry data has now been imported into SMS for modeling work.