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==Related Topics==
==Related Topics==
* [[SMS:SRH-2D Menu|SRH-2D Menu]]
* [[SMS:SRH-2D Simulation|SRH-2D Simulation]]

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Example of the SRH-2D Solution Plots dialog

In the SRH-2D simulation right-click menu, using the Tools | View Simulation Plots command brings up the SRH-2D Solution Plots dialog. This dialog provides a list of solution plots. The list of available plots in on the left side of the dialog. Once a plot is selected from the list, the plot will be shown in the plot window on the right side of the dialog.

Available plots include:

  • Net_Q/INLET_Q – Net Q -vs- time. Percentage of flow entering the simulation that leaves the simulation at a given time:
    • -100% means all the flow that entered the simulation at this time stayed in the simulation
    • 0% means the same amount of flow exited during this time step as entered
    • >0% means more flow left the simulation than entered it.
  • Mass Balance – includes mass loss -vs- time and average mass loss -vs- time
  • Monitor Points WSE – Monitor point water level -vs- time. Will display one plot for each monitor point in the simulation.
  • Monitor Points Z – Monitor point ground level -vs- time. Will display one for each monitor point in the simulation. This plot is not meaningful unless the simulation includes sediment transport.
  • Monitor Lines – Monitor line flux vs time. Will display one plot for each monitor line in the simulation.

Under the plot list, there is the following option:

  • Specify time range – allows specifying the time range of the plot to be viewed. The possible range will be 0 to the length (time in hours) of the simulation.
    • Minimum time – The beginning time range.
    • Maximum time – The ending time range.

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