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Example of the SRH-2D Solution Plots dialog

In the SRH-2D simulation right-click menu, using the Tools | View Simulation Plots command brings up the SRH-2D Solution Plots dialog. This dialog provides a list of solution plots. The list of available plots in on the left side of the dialog. Once a plot is selected from the list, the plot will be shown in the plot window on the right side of the dialog.

Available plots include:

  • Net_Q/INLET_Q – Net Q -vs- time, percentage of flow entering the simulation that leaves the simulation at a given time:
    • -100% means all the flow that entered the simulation at this time stayed in the simulation
    • 0% means the same amount of flow exited during this time step as entered
    • >0% means more flow left the simulation than entered it.
  • Mass Balance – includes mass loss -vs- time and average mass loss -vs- time
  • Monitor Points WSE – monitor point water level -vs- time. Will display one plot for each monitor point in the simulation.
  • Monitor point ground level -vs- time (1 for each monitor point in the simulation - not meaningful unless the simulation includes sediment transport)
  • Monitor line flux vs time (1 for each monitor line in the simulation)

The dialog also allows the user to specify the time range of the plot to be viewed. The possible range will be 0 to the length (time in hours) of the simulation.

When a user selects a plot from the list (in a list widget on the left of the dialog), the selected plot appears in a window on the right side of the dialog.