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All of the pages need:

  • new screenshots
  • rewording/rewriting
  • intrawiki links
  • current accuracy of the content needs verification
  • get rid of "toggle"
  • change "read in" to "imported"
  • change "write" or "write out" to "exported"

List of pages

Below are listed any additional changes I noticed:

List of templates

  • Yes check.svg Done! Template:GSSHAMain
    • The GUMLinks to the GSSHA wiki are often outdated (sometimes severely). It may be good to have a single link in the template that goes to the GSSHA wiki rather than a whole bunch that can get out of date.
  • Yes check.svg Done! It may be good to create a GSSHA footer template that contains links to all the GSSHA articles here and links to the main parts of the GSSHA Wiki.

Also created

  1. File Types
  2. Model Wrapper
  3. WMS:Customization Dialog
  4. WMS:Detention Basin Rating Curve
  5. WMS:Exporting Dialog
  6. WMS:List of SSURGO soil textures
  7. WMS:Long Term Simulation Dialog
  8. WMS:GSSHA Batch Mode/Stochastics Dialog
  9. WMS:GSSHA Calibration Output
  10. WMS:GSSHA File Types
  11. WMS:GSSHA Hydraulic Structures
  12. WMS:GSSHA Manual Calibration
  13. WMS:GSSHA Snowmelt Options Dialog
  14. WMS:GSSHA Storm Drain
  15. WMS:Model Wrapper

Redirects for Help Dialogs

  1. Detention Basin Rating Curve
  2. Edit Data Set Values
  3. GSSHA Batch Mode/Stochastics
  4. GSSHA Channel Routing Parameters
  5. GSSHA Groundwater
  6. GSSHA Job Control Parameters
  7. GSSHA Model Linkage
  8. GSSHA Observations
  9. GSSHA Output Control
  10. GSSHA Precipitation
  11. GSSHA Snowmelt Options
  12. GSSHA Solution Analysis
  13. GSSHA Thalweg
  14. Overland soil erosion
  15. Pipe and Node Parameters
  16. Reclassify Index Map
  17. SAC-SMA Model
  18. Smooth GSSHA Streams

Other Redirects

  1. Edit Dataset Values
  2. Join NRCS Data
  3. Join NRCS Data Dialog
  4. WMS:Axis Titles
  5. WMS:Axis Titles Dialog
  6. WMS:Beta Distribution Shape Factors
  7. WMS:Beta Distribution Shape Factors Dialog
  8. WMS:Define GSSHA Observation
  9. WMS:Define GSSHA Observation Dialog
  10. WMS:Edit Data Set Values
  11. WMS:Edit Data Set Values Dialog
  12. WMS:Edit Dataset Values
  13. WMS:Edit Dataset Values Dialog
  14. WMS:File Formats
  15. WMS:File Formats Dialog
  16. WMS:GSSHA Calibration Output Dialog
  17. WMS:GSSHA Channel Routing Parameters
  18. WMS:GSSHA Channel Routing Parameters Dialog
  19. WMS:GSSHA File Formats
  20. WMS:GSSHA File Formats Dialog
  21. WMS:GSSHA Import Index Map
  22. WMS:GSSHA Import Index Map Dialog
  23. WMS:GSSHA Input Data
  24. WMS:GSSHA Reclassify Index Map
  25. WMS:GSSHA Reclassify Index Map Dialog
  26. WMS:GSSHA Run Options
  27. WMS:GSSHA Run Options Dialog
  28. WMS:GSSHA Select File Format
  29. WMS:GSSHA Select File Format Dialog
  30. WMS:GSSHA Storm Drain Coverage
  31. WMS:GSSHA Thalweg
  32. WMS:GSSHA Thalweg Dialog
  33. WMS:Import Index Map
  34. WMS:Import Index Map Dialog
  35. WMS:Model Wrapper Dialog
  36. WMS:Read GSSHA Solution
  37. WMS:Read GSSHA Solution Dialog
  38. WMS:Reclassify Index Map
  39. WMS:Reclassify Index Map Dialog
  40. WMS:Save and Run GSSHA Group
  41. WMS:Save and Run GSSHA Group Dialog
  42. WMS:Save GSSHA Group
  43. WMS:Save GSSHA Group Dialog
  44. WMS:Select File Format
  45. WMS:Select File Format Dialog
  46. WMS:Storm Tile Drain
  47. WMS:Storm Tile Drain Dialog
  48. WMS:View Values
  49. WMS:View Values Dialog