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The WMS software development team is excited about the release of WMS 8.5! This page lists the exciting new features that have been added to WMS 8.5.

What's new in WMS 8.5

The GSSHA model is a 2D watershed model that includes 1D hydraulic modeling, groundwater modeling, and other advanced watershed modeling components.

Updated Interfaces

  • The NSS (National Streamflow Statistics) interface has been updated to use the latest NSS database. The MODRAT interface has also been updated. Renumbering has been improved in the MODRAT interface and several bugs have been fixed. Several new features and bug fixes have been added to the GSSHA interface. First, the storm and tile drain modeling capability of GSSHA has been improved by adding the capability to add multiple pipes in a "superlink", which represents a network of pipes in GSSHA. The algorithm for determining embankments has also been reworked to make the algorithm more efficient and more accurate. The GSSHA tutorials have also been updated and improved to include the latest enhancements in the GSSHA code. Also, GSSHA itself has been reworked to make the program more stable.

FHWA HY-12 Storm Drain Modeling

  • New FHWA HY-12 storm drain modeling interface and upgrades to the WMS storm drain modeling tools

Online Image (Web Map Service) Capabilities

  • Availability of online images using the Get Online Maps tool

Improved Web Service Tools

  • Web service tool improvements

Support of New File Formats

  • Support of several new GIS and CAD file formats for file import and export through the "vector image" option

FHWA HY-8 7.3 and Hydraulic Toolbox 3.0 Support

  • Support new versions of HY-8 (7.3) and the Hydraulic Toolbox (3.0)

Bug fixes

To view the list of bugs fixed in WMS 8.5, visit the WMS bugfix page.