HY8:Contra Costa Basin

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Contra Costa Basin

The input variables required for this calculation is the following:

  • Baffle Block Height Ratio — The ratio of the baffle block height to baffle block distance from the culvert.
  • End Sill Height to Maximum Depth Ratio — ratio to determine the end sill height from the maximum depth.
  • Basin Width — The channel width is recommended for the basin width.

The following figures show the design of a Contra Costa basin.


Variables from the figure

  • D — Diameter of culvert
  • y0 — Outlet depth
  • y2 — Approximate maximum water surface depth
  • y3 — Basin exit velocity
  • V0 — Outlet velocity
  • V2 — Exit velocity
  • h1 — Height of small baffle
  • h2 — Height of large baffle
  • h3 — Height of end sill
  • L2 — Length from culvert exit to large baffle
  • L3 — Length from large baffle to end sill
  • LB — Basin length