HY8:Saint Anthony Falls (SAF Stilling Basin)

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The input variables required for this calculation is the following:

  • Shape (Flared or Rectangular)
  • Sidewall Flare — This will only apply if the basin has a flared shape

The following figure shows a Saint Anthony Falls stilling basin.


Variables from the figure

  • WB — Basin width
  • WB2 — Basin width at the baffle row
  • WB3 — Basin width at the sill
  • Y1 — height of the chute blocks
  • LB — Length of the basin
  • Z *mdash; basin flare


Variables from the figure

  • Y1 — height of the chute blocks
  • Y2 — Conjugate height
  • Y3 — height of the chute blocks
  • z1 — elevation of basin floor