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1. Build TINs from 2D mesh.
Generate a TIN for each elevation zone.
  1. Select the 2D mesh.
  2. Select the Mesh | Convert to | TIN menu command.
  3. Enter TIN values in the Properties dialog.
2. Interpolate elevation data to TINs.
1. Set interpolation options
  1. Select the Interpolation | Interpolation Options menu command.
  2. In the 2D Interpolation Options dialog select the interpolation method and options.
    2D interpolation methods include the following:
2. Interpolate to a TIN.
  1. Select the target TIN in the Project Explorer to make it active.
  2. Select the Interplation | Interpolate→Active TIN menu command.
  3. Set the dataset name and review interpolation options in the Interpolate→Object dialog.