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Time-Array Series Files Dialog

The Time-Array Series Files dialog

The Time-Array Series Files dialog is accessed by clicking Time Series Files... in the Options section of many package dialogs. It is used to define an array of one or more time-array series files. It contains the following sections and buttons:

  • At the top is an unlabeled section listing all of the time-array series files, one per line.
    • Double-click on the first field to see the full file path and name.
    • Click Edit... to open the time-array series file.
  • Insert Row Row-insert.svg – Click to insert a row above the currently-selected row.
  • Add Row Row-add.svg – Click to add a row below the currently-selected row.
  • Delete Row Row-delete.svg – Click to delete the selected row.
  • Move Up Row-up.svg – Move the selected row up.
  • Move Down Row-down.svg – Move the selected row down.