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1. Start with a transient MODFLOW-USG model.
  1. Open a completed MODFLOW project created using either the grid approach or conceptual model approach.
2. Set GMS to save native text.
  1. Use the MODFLOW | Global Options command.
  2. Select the Save native text copy option in the MODFLOW Global/Basic Package dialog.
  3. Save Save Macro.svg the project.
3. Select your desired options and run MODFLOW.
  1. Select MODFLOW | Advanced | Run MODFLOW Dialog... to bring up the Run MODFLOW dialog.
  2. Select your desired options in the Run MODFLOW dialog.
  3. Click OK to Run MODFLOW.
4. Create a backward tracking mod-PATH3DU model.
  1. Right-click on your mod-PATH3DU in the Project Explorer and select Check Simulations...


  1. Save Save Macro.svg the project.
  2. Run MODFLOW Run MODFLOW Macro.svg.