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What's new in WMS 8.4

  • Updated to be compatible with the latest version of GSSHA. New tutorials are available for use with WMS.
  • Integration with FHWA's HY-8 and Hydraulic Toolbox software.
  • HY-8 modeling wizard: Allows you to design or analyze culverts using the linkage between WMS, HY-8, and the Hydraulic Toolbox.
  • Integration of the Time Series Editor with WMS. This tool allows you to find and download data from the internet and to modify existing time series data.
  • New method of computing Flow Directions/Accumulations for basin delineation using TauDEM, allowing for multiprocessor computation of Flow Directions and accumulations.
  • Full compatibility with 64-bit computers, allowing for faster processing and the ability to process larger datasets than ever before.

Bug fixes

DEM contours to feature objects crash in WMS 8.3: 2180

Save GSSHA Group Dialog: 2183

Multi-Select index map grid cells: 2143

converting dem contours to feature objects: 2175

Issues with GSSHA Automated Calibration: 2151

Error reading GSSHA Stochastic Simulation results: 2147

WMS crashes when right clicking on a TIN Tree Item for a TIN that's been deleted: 2141

Error building pyramids: 2131

DEM File won't read in: 2084

Error message when trying to open an image: "The application has failed to start because gmp-vc90-mt.dll was not found": 2075

Zoom tool not working in Edit DEM Elevations plot window: 2071

The "Select Shapes Tool" in the GIS module should be an active tool but it is inactive.: 2065

Changes to GSSHA .cmt file requested by Chuck: 277

Allow users to set the GSSHA NUM_INTERP value

Sediment interface enhancements: GSSHA

Error in GSSHA Calibration: 2156

GSSHA calibration output files: 2153

Allow editing polygon-selected index map ID's in the properties window: 2060

Hydrologic modeling wizard Define project boundary: 2288

WMS does not read observed data file: 2248

Check while reading parameter and calibration file in GSSHA automated calibration: 2249

Add GSSHA Calibration Parameters in WMS: 2247

flow vectors don't read in: 2244

Save File button not working in Coverage Overlay dialog: 2239

Crash when deleting GSSHA model: 2236

Report the name of the contaminant when reading the contaminant transport solution: 2235

Add option to select whether to export contaminant mass and concentration to GSSHA output control: 2234

WMS not writing all lakes to file: 2217

Simple dam Break not finding Cross Section: 2215

Tutorial change request: 2184

Display options: 2366

problems numbering Branch: 2332

Run GSSHA model button in the Hydrologic modeling wizard not working: 2321

Contour Options button not working: 2311

Distinguish Data/Model/Solution in GSSHA project explorer. 1) Use a different color scheme, 2) Separate the sections out, and 3) Put a symbol M for models as we have S for solutions

If groundwater head and aquifer bottom is available in the model, display the following in the Smooth stream arcs dialog and allow user to edit all of these

Add the new Tc method to MODRAT

In Hydrologic Modeling wizard, the coordinates for project boundary are not defaulted properly. Dr Nelson thinks it is good idea to default them to 0

In the same dialog of the modeling wizard, if you change the project coordinates, it looks like WMS tries to transform the coordinates in the project bound coordinates list also causing WMS to crash

While saving GSSHA project, the .cmt file had a soil type index map assigned to several processes even though those processes were not turned on. The processes that were not turned on include evapotranspiration, soil erosion, and possibly others. GSSHA r

In GSSHA Job Control/Storm-tile drain Edit parameter button, change the text to "Allow GSSHA to redistribute Superlink Vertices"

Super link/ Super Junction numbering is still not working. If you create the superlinks and turn the Storm/Tile Drain option on Job control, the numbering is not correct. Turning the Storm/Tile Drain option on Job control and then creating the arcs seemed

In Job Control/Edit parameters for storm/tile drains, put an option to select a method that specifies how water gets into the drains. The default option should be Cook Method (need to make sure if the name is correct) and next option should be Drain Mod M

Be able to specify a depression mask for running cleandam so you don’t change areas for specified zones

Change the user interface to turn this option on, specify the XY boundary condition files, and specify the larger GSSHA model so the mask can be written to this location

Change the user interface to turn this option on for the larger model and to specify the small GSSHA model so the mask can be used in running the simulation.

Read and write the project file cards and data files required to implement this option

Read and write DEMs as GeoTIFF files

Create a display option to display the wetland parameters from the GSSHA polygon attributes dialog if this display option is selected

WMS cannot load images after converting DEM to TIN: 2629

Severe WMS/Global Mapper bug when converting DEM to TIN: 2627

Modrat Wrapper not finishing: 2624

Joining SSURGO data bug: 2623

When loading the hydrograph solution to HEC-1 WMS Gives an error: 2597

WMS crashes when converting DEM to TIN after editing TOPAZ generated streams: 2578

WMS crashes when reversing directions of a stream network: 2577

The Cross Section Attributes dialog gives bogus help strings: 2566

Click on GSSHA Smooth Stream Dialog causes a crash: 2565

Add Autocheck for updates to WMS interface

Write KMZ file animations as Super-overlays

Fixed several MODRAT bugs

WMS crashing when loading GIS data: 2436

Build Polygons Crash: 2400

WMS 8.3 unable to Connect to Sever when selecting from web service: 2389