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The properties of all MT3DMS data that GMS displays on the screen can be controlled through the MT3DMS tab of the Display Options dialog. This dialog is opened by right-clicking on the "3D Grid Folder.svg 3D Grid Data" entry in the Project Explorer and selecting the Display Options command. It can also be accessed from the from the Display menu, the MT3DMS menu, or the Display Options Display Options Macro.svg macro. The following table describes the display options available for the MT3DMS model.

Display Option Description

Point Sources/Sinks

NAPL Point Sources/Sinks

Constant concentration

The three items at the top of the dialog represent display options for the constant concentration cells and the point sources/sinks. If the checkbox just to the left of one of these is selected, a symbol is displayed at the center of each cell where that object has been defined. The symbol for each object is displayed in a window to the left of the checkbox. The symbol can be changed by clicking on the button. This brings up the Symbol Editor dialog. The Symbol Editor contains a list of available symbols and can be used to edit the size, style, and color of the symbol.
Display Symbol Legend Displays a legend showing each of the symbols associated with sources/sinks and constant concentration cells in the lower right corner of the GMS window.
Check All Turns on all display options.
Check None Turns off all display options.