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Model Info
Model type particle tracking
Developer USGS, [1]
Documentation MODPATH Manual
Tutorials MODPATH Tutorials

MODPATH Commands
MODPATH Particle Tracking
MODPATH Particle Sets
MODPATH Zone Codes
MODPATH Display Options
Exporting Pathlines
MODPATH Tutorials

MODPATH is a particle tracking code that is used in conjunction with MODFLOW. After running a MODFLOW simulation, the user can designate the location of a set of particles. The particles are then tracked through time assuming they are transported by advection using the flow field computed by MODFLOW. Particles can be tracked either forward in time or backward in time. Particle tracking analyses are particularly useful for delineating capture zones or areas of influence for wells.

A complete description of MODPATH is beyond the scope of this help file, however, because of the user-friendly interface in GMS, an intimate knowledge of MODPATH is not required to effectively do particle tracking in GMS. For a more complete knowledge of MODPATH, refer to the MODPATH documentation (Pollock, 1994).

MODPATH was developed by the U.S. Geological Survey. Version 5.0 of MODPATH is supported in GMS. The version of MODPATH distributed with GMS is the original public domain version distributed by the USGS, with minor modifications to accommodate GMS.

The MODPATH model is included with all paid editions of GMS.


Here are tables of some of the available files for MODPATH.

  • For more information on these files see the manual
Name Description
EPT Endpoint File
LOC Starting Locations File
MDF Main Data File
NAM Name File
PTH Particle Path File
RSP Response File
SUM Summary File