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When post-processing the results of the MODPATH simulation, the colors of the paths or particles can be varied depending on the zone code of the cell in which the particle started or in which the particle terminated. Zone codes are assigned using the IBOUND array in the MODFLOW interface. In other words, unique values of the IBOUND array (100, 200, 300, etc.) are assigned to the cells of the grid to define the zone codes. The zone code array can be edited by clicking on the Zone Code Array command in the MODPATH menu. This command is only available if a MODFLOW simulation exists.

Zone Type Array dialog

Cell Properties

The Zone Code for each cell can also be edited by selecting a cell and then choosing the Cell Properties command from the MODPATH menu. In addition to the zone code, cell porosity can be edited in the 3D Grid Cell Properties dialog.

3D Grid Cell Properties dialog showing the MODFLOW tab.

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