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Model Info
Model type 3D Flow and Transport Model
Developer USGS
Documentation SEAWAT Manual
Tutorials SEAWAT Tutorials

SEAWAT is a three dimensional variable density groundwater flow and transport model developed by the USGS based on MODFLOW and MT3DMS. SEAWAT v4 is based on MODFLOW 2000 and MT3DMS 5.2. SEAWAT includes two additional packages: Variable-Density Flow (VDF) and Viscosity (VSC). A complete description of SEAWAT is beyond the scope of this reference manual. It is assumed that the reader has a basic knowledge of SEAWAT and has read the SEAWAT documentation.

GMS supports SEAWAT as a pre- and post-processor. The interface to SEAWAT relies on the interface to MODFLOW and MT3DMS. The input data for SEAWAT is generated by GMS and saved to a set of files including a MODFLOW model, an MT3D model if transport is used, and a SEAWAT model pointing to the MODFLOW and MT3D model's package files. These files are then read by SEAWAT and executed. SEAWAT uses the MODFLOW and MT3D interfaces for boundary condition display and for post-processing.