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The GNC6 FILEIN Files dialog

The GNC6(Ghost Node Correction) dialog is accessed by clicking Observations in the Options section of many of the package dialogs. It is used to define an array of one or more observation files.

It contains the following sections and buttons:

This allows ghost-node correction files to be used as input. The files selected using this option will provide information for the ghost-nodes. This will use the same format for specifying ghost-nodes as described for the GNC Package of the GWF Model.

This includes specifying: OPTIONS, DIMENSIONS, and GNCDATA blocks.

The order of the ghost nodes must follow the same order as the order of the cells in the EXCHANGEDATA block. For the GNCDATA, noden and all of the nodej values are assumed to be located in model 1, and nodem is assumed to be in model 2. Specifying this option will allow a Files button to its right to be clicked. Doing so will bring up a Files dialog. In this dialog, a spreadsheet can be filled in that has two columns.

The following options can be used to help develop the spreadsheet:

  • Insert Row – This will insert a new row at the current location.
  • Add Row – This will add a new row at the bottom.
  • Delete Row – This will delete the currently selected row.
  • Move Up – This will move the currently selected row up a row.
  • Move Down – This will move the currently selected row down a row.

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