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1. Create a coverage with Top elev. and Bottom elev. turned on.
1. Create new coverage from scratch.
  1. Use the New Coverage right-click command.
  2. Use the Coverage Setup dialog to create a new coverage by selecting the desired coverage properties and naming the coverage.
2. Create new coverage from an existing coverage.
  1. Use the Duplicate command on an existing coverage. This will copy any feature objects on the coverage.
  2. Use the Rename command to give the coverage a new name.
  3. Change the coverage setup.
2. Build polygons.
Polygons are not created automatically when arcs are enclosed. To create polygons:
  1. Use the Feature Objects | Build Polygons command.
3. Assign the top and bottom elevation values.
  1. Using the Select Polygon GMS Select Polygon Tool.svg tool, double-click on the polygon.
  2. Assign elevation properties in the Attribute Table dialog.