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1. Create conceptual model if not already in the project.
1. Create new conceptual model.
  1. Use the New Conceptual Model right-click command in the Project Explorer.
  2. Use the Conceptual Model Properties dialog to create a new conceptual model.
2. Add coverages.
1. Create new coverage from scratch.
  1. Use the New Coverage right-click command.
  2. Use the Coverage Setup dialog to create a new coverage by selecting the desired coverage properties and naming the coverage.
2. Create new coverage from an existing coverage.
  1. Use the Duplicate command on an existing coverage. This will copy any feature objects on the coverage.
  2. Use the Rename command to give the coverage a new name.
  3. Change the coverage setup.
2. Turn on transport and assign species for the conceptual model.
  1. Right-click on the conceptual model and select Properties.
  2. In the Conceptual Model Properties dialog, select '"Transport ad set "MT3DMS/MT3D-USG" as the '"Transport model.
  3. In the Conceptual Model Properties dialog, select the Species button.
  4. Define the number and name of each species in the ''Define Species dialog.
3. Assign parameters to feature objects.
  1. Using the Select Polygon GMS Select Polygon Tool.svg, double-click on a feature object polygon.
  2. Assign aquifer properties in the Attribute Table dialog.
4. Map to MT3DMS.
  1. Select the conceptual model Conceptual Model Icon.svg.
  2. Select Feature Objects | Map → MT3DMS.
  3. Select the appropriate options in the Map → Model dialog.