Boreholes and Cross Sections Workflow

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The Borehole module of GMS visualizes boreholes created from drilling logs and to construct three-dimensional cross sections between boreholes. Use boreholes and cross sections by doing the following:

1. Import borehole data.
  1. Use File | Open... to open files with borehole data.
  2. Alternatively, drag and drop the file into the Graphics Window in GMS.
  3. Use the File Import Wizard to specify how to import the data.
2. Edit boreholes.
1. Adjust borehole display.
  1. Click Display Options Display Options Macro.svg macro.
  2. Select "Borehole Data" tab.
2. Edit materials.
  1. Click the Materials GMS Materials Macro.svg macro.
  2. Add, delete, and edit materials in the Materials dialog.
3. Create cross sections.
1. Auto-create cross sections.
  1. Select the Boreholes | Auto-Create Blank Cross Sections menu command.
2. Manually create cross sections.
  1. Using the Create Borehole Cross Section Create Cross Section Tool.svg tool, click on a borehole to start the cross section then click on other boreholes to create cross sections between boreholes.
4. Edit cross sections.
1. Snap cross sections to a surface.
Boreholes cross sections can be adjusted to match a TIN if a TIN has been imported into the project.
  1. Select the Boreholes | Advanced | Snap Cross Sections to TIN menu command.
  2. Use the Snap Cross Sections to TIN dialog.
2. Auto-fill cross sections.
  1. Select the Boreholes| Auto-Fill Blank Cross Sections menu command.
  2. Use the options in the Auto-Fill Cross Sections dialog.
3. Manually fill or edit cross sections.
  1. Using the Select Cross Section Select Cross Section Tool.svg tool, select one or more cross sections.
  2. Select the Boreholes | Cross Section Editor menu command.
  3. Use the Cross Section Editor dialog.