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The Display Options dialog showing the 2D Scatter Point Set tab.

The properties of all 2D scatter data that GMS displays on the screen can be controlled through the 2D Scatter tab of the Display Options dialog. This dialog is opened by right-clicking on the 2D Scatter Data 2D Scatter Folder.svg entry in the Project Explorer and selecting the Display Options command. It can also be accessed from the from the Display menu or the Display Options Display Options Macro.svg macro. The following table describes the display options available for the 2D Scatter Point module.

Display Option Description
Active scatter point set The name of the active scatter point set is listed at the top of the dialog. The symbol selected using the Scatter point symbols option (described below) applies to the active scatter point set. This makes it possible to use a different set of symbols for the points in each set so that the sets are easily distinguishable.
Scatter point symbols The Scatter point symbols item is used to display a symbol at the location of each scatter point. The widget to the left of the toggle is used to bring up a dialog listing the available symbols. The color of each of the scatter points in a set may be changed in this dialog also.

The color of the scatter points can be adjusted according to the following options:

  1. Specified – uses the color specified next to the scatter point symbols
  2. Data – the color ramp is used to assign a color to each of the symbols according to the value of the active scalar dataset
Contours Individual scatter points can be colored based on the current dataset by using contour options.
Inactive scatter points Individual scatter points can either be active or inactive. The Inactive scatter points option can be used to control the display of the inactive points.
Scatter point scalar values The Scatter point scalar values option is used to display the value of the active data set next to each of the scatter points.
Scatter point labels The Scatter point labels item is used to display the scatter point label next to each scatter point.
Scatter point numbers The Scatter point IDs item is used to display the scatter point ID next to each scatter point.
Symbol legend The Symbol legend item is used to display a symbol legend listing each of the scatter point sets by name and showing the symbol associated with the scatter point sets.