GMS:MODFLOW 6 Managing Transient Data Workflow

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Transient data in an existing MODFLOW 6 project can be managed with the following steps:

1. Enter transient data into the Map module.
1. Manually enter transient data.
  1. Using the Select Arc GMS Select Arc Tool.svg, Select Points/Nodes GMS Select Node Tool.svg, or Select Polygon GMS Select Polygon Tool.svg tool, double-click on a feature object to receive the transient data.
  2. In the Attribute Table dialog, change a rate field to "<transient>" and select the Attribute Table dialog dot dot dot ellipses button.png button.
  3. Enter transient data in the XY Series Editor dialog.
2. Import transient data.
  1. Select the Map module coverage that will receive the transient data.
  2. Use File | Open... to open files with transient data.
  3. Use the Text Import Wizard to specify how to import the data.
    • In step 2, select a transient GMS data type.
2. Add stress periods to the TDIS package.
  1. Use the Open right-click command on the TDIS package to open the Temporal Discretization (TDIS) Package dialog.
  2. Edit the stress period information using the options in the dialog.
3. Map the transient data from the coverages to the packages.
For each of the packages that should have transient data associated with them:
  1. In the Project Explorer, right-click on the package and use the Map from Coverage command.
  2. Select the desired coverage from the Select Coverage dialog to map its data to the selected package.