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The SEAM3D Cometabolism Package dialog

The SEAM3D Cometabolism Package is designed to simulate aerobic cometabolism of user-designated recalcitrant compounds (recalcitrants). Cometabolism of recalcitrants is assumed to result from aerobic oxidation of methane or petroleum-derived compounds (e.g., toluene). Recalcitrants may be three of the four chloroethenes (PCE is not included as a possible recalcitrant compound) or any user-defined compound (e.g., MTBE).

The dialog is reached through the SEAM3D | Cometabolism Package command. The dialog has the following options:

  • Recalcitrant Compounds
    • ARMIN
    • TRCAP
  • Subtrate
    • Haldine constant for growth
    • Enzyme half saturation constant for growth
  • Aerobic Population
    • Death rate
    • Fraction active towards cometabolism