GMS:What's New in GMS 9.1

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The following is a list of the more significant changes that will be introduced in GMS 9.1.

  • PHT3D interface
  • Improvements to importing transient data including new tutorials
  • Transient TIN data sets can be used in Map -> MODFLOW
  • New tutorials:
    • MODFLOW - Transient Calibration Pump Test
    • MODFLOW - Transient Calibration
    • PHT3D - Ion Exchange And Surface Complexation
    • PHT3D - Transport And Mineral Reactions
  • Framing improvements
  • Snap Boreholes to TINs command
  • Exporting material names/colors/patterns/tranparency
  • Computed flow and Residual flow columns added to the map attribute table for flow observations
  • Isosurface transparency
  • Copy feature objects to another coverage
  • Activate / Inactivate scatter points command
  • More bitmaps in pop-up menus
  • Simplified and consistent main menus and pop-up menus