MODFLOW-LGR Regional to Local Workflow

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To quickly create a local model coupled to the regional model using MODFLOW-LGR (with either a transient model or a steady state model), use the following process:

1. Begin with an existing MODFLOW project.
The existing model should be created using the conceptual model approach.
2. Change the simulation to use MODFLOW-LGR.
  1. Select MODFLOW | Global Options.
  2. In the MODFLOW Global/Basic Package dialog, select the LGR radio button.
3. Create a child grid.
  1. Use the Select Cells Select 3D Cell Tool.svg tool to drag a box in the child grid area.
  2. Right-click in the selected area and select Create Child Grid….
  3. Enter child grid parameters in the Create Child Grid dialog.
4. Save and run MODFLOW-LGR.
  1. Save Save Macro.svg the project.
  2. Run MODFLOW Run MODFLOW Macro.svg.