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Example of the Consolidation tab of the ADH Sediment Library Control dialog

This window is part of the ADH model control dialog (ADH | Sediment Library Control... command). It is accessed from the ADH Sediment Library Control window by clicking on the Consolidation tab.

The Consolidation tab consists of a table defining the properties of cohesive sediments included in an ADH simulation.

The sediment classes must be specified before entering these time-based parameters for each sediment. The check box labeled Use time-based consolidation at the bottom of the page tells ADH that consolidation should be computed.

The spreadsheet contains the parameters and values specific to the currently selected constituent in the list. Constituent parameters are:

  • Time (sec) – Measured in seconds.
  • Bulk density (clay/silt type only) – Measured in kilograms per cubic meters.
  • Erosion crit. shear (clay/silt type only) – Critical shear stress for erosion is used in the erosion flux equation. Measured in Newtons per square meters.
  • Erosion rate constant (clay/silt type only) – Used in the erosion flux equation.
  • Erosion rate exponent (clay/silt type only) – Used in the erosion flux equation.

All value fields are restricted to positive non-zero real numbers unless stated otherwise.

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