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Model Info
Model type 2D current, pollutant, and sediment transport simulation.
Developer Hydrotec, Dr.- Ing. Marinko Nujic
Web site HYDRO AS-2D web site

General Section

  • Data Visualization
  • Mesh Editing
  • Observation

HYDRO AS-2D performs 2D modeling of bodies of water. The procedure integrated in HYDRO AS-2D is based on the numerical solution of the 2D current equations with finite-volume-discretization. In addition to 2D current simulation, HYDRO AS-2D can also simulate pollutant and sediment transport.

SMS supports HYDRO_AS-2D through the Generic Model interface offering a simple way to set model parameters, run the model, and visualize the results.

The HYDRO AS-2D model can be added to a paid edition of SMS.



HYDRO AS-2D is characterized by:

  • Solves hundreds of thousands of elements very quickly
  • Calculation accuracy guaranteed by extensive lab tests and real-world applications
  • High stability, robustness and exactness for a wide spectrum of hydrodynamic conditions
  • Volumetric accuracy of the tidal wave propagation on complicated topography
  • Solutions showing flow speed, direction, and flood depth
  • The bed changes as a result of sediment erosion and sediment deposition are modeled
  • Fully coupled transport and hydrodynamic solver ensures current changes due to sediment scour/deposition are accurately simulated
  • Simulate transport of up to five grain dimensions at the same time
  • Short calculating time for millions of elements


  • River flooding analysis
  • Sediment erosion/depositions studies in river channels and floodplains
  • Tidal wave propagation
  • Pollutant dispersion in a waterway


HYDRO AS-2D is highly user-optimized and offers the following extensions:

  • LASER_AS-2D: Net-generator based on laser-scan-data (intelligent thinning out and deriving Break lines) and Stream Network Generator
  • JabPlot: Creating professional profile and longitudinal plots
  • CHECK2DM: Testing the net based on geometrical and numerical aspects
  • JabMap: Pre- and postprocessor /interface to GIS

Using the Model / Practical Notes

It is recommended that HYDRO AS-2D is used with an adequate graphics and co-processor. A list of graphics and co-processors can be found on Hydrotec's website.

Graphical Interface

HYDRO AS-2D uses the Generic Model Graphical Interface.

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