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SMS now has the ability to create editable datasets for CMS-Flow simulations. The datasets can be created using a single value or an existing dataset as the initial values.

Editable datasets are managed in the Custom Input Datasets portion of the CMS-Flow Model Control.

Selecting the New button will bring up the Custom Datasets dialog. Here the user has the options to use a single value or an existing dataset as initial values. The list of datasets in the combo box contain all of the scalar datasets that already exist in the project.

These datasets are saved to an HDF5 file and referenced in the cms_cards file. a new boundary condition, cross-shore, was added. This condition allows water to flow in either direction over the boundary.

Note: This is primarily a developer tool.
The CMS-FLOW Model Control dialog showing the Input tab. The "Custom Input Datasets section is located here.
The Custom Datasets dialog.

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