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File:Fleet Wind Dialog.jpg
Fleet Wind dialog

Datasets can be read in from fleet wind files (*.fleetwind). SMS supports two different formats for fleet wind files, which are equivalent to NWS = 3 and NWS = 6 for PBL models. More information regarding the format for these files can be found in the ADCIRC user manual.

Opening the Files

When opening a fleet wind file, SMS will bring up a dialog to prompt the user for information regarding file type, grid parameters, time steps, and projection. Format:' Option to select between "Direction, speed (NWS 3)" and "X, Y, pressure (NWS 6)"

Existing Grid: If the grid specified in the fleet wind file already exists in SMS, a user can select to create the datasets on the existing grid

Grid Parameters: If the grid specified in the fleet wind file does not already exist, a user must specify the origin, cell size, and number of cells to create the grid.

Time (NWS 6 only): Specify the size and units of the time increment, as well as a reference time (if desired).

Projection: Specify the projection of the grid. If the projection is not specified, the grid will be created using the current projection.


When SMS reads a fleetwind file, it will create the following datasets on the grid:

  • Wind (vector)
  • Magnitude (scalar)
  • Pressure (scalar) – NWS 6 only

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