SMS:What's New in SMS 12.3

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General Features

  • Updated icons to higher resolution.
  • Selection to echo window.
  • Updates to the Virtual Earth Map Locator.
  • Default Contour Range options added to the Preferences dialog.
  • Data points on plots can be selected to show the point values.

Module Features


  • A transparency can be set for filled polygons (such as materials) in the map Display Options.
  • Right-clicking on an arc in an observation coverage now has the option to directly generate an observation plot from that arc.

Model Features


  • Ability to create inflow-outflow link structures that model flow between two separate meshes.
  • Update to internal links to allow for a rating curve inflow condition to these structures.
  • Link to HY-8 for culvert calculations via a table of flow rates—significantly reduces for HY-8 computation time.