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1. Converting a vertex to a node.
  1. Use the Select Vertex GMS Select Vertex Tool.svg tool.
  2. Select the Feature Objects | Vertices → Node command to split the arc into two arcs.
2. Add a node the arc.
  1. Use the Create Point/Node Create Points Tool.svg tool to add a node on an arc in order to split it into two arcs.
3. Connect the end of an existing arc to the middle of the arc.
  1. Use the Select Node GMS Select Node Tool.svg tool to drag the node of an existing arc to anywhere in the middle of another arc. This will split the second arc into two arcs.
4. Add a new connecting arc.
  1. Use the Create Arc GMS Create Arc Tool.svg tool to start or end a new arc on an existing arc to split the existing arc into two arcs.
5. Split overlapping arcs using the Clean Options dialog.
  1. Select overlapping arcs using the Select Arc GMS Select Arc Tool.svg tool.
  2. Use the Feature Objects | Clean command to bring up the Clean Options dialog.
  3. Select the Intersect selected arcs option (for selected arcs) or Intersect arcs option (for all overlapping arcs) to split the arcs.