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Reverse Section Line Orientation dialog

The Reverse Section Line Orientation tool is accessed by double-clicking on "ArcGIS Tool icon.png Reverse Section Line Orientation" under the "ArcGIS Toolset icon.png XS2D Editor" toolset under the "ArcGIS Toolset icon.png Subsurface Analyst" toolset under the "ArcGIS Toolbox icon.png Arc Hydro Groundwater Tools" toolbox. This tool reverses the parameterization of the curve ('from' point becomes 'to' point, first segment becomes last segment, etc).

This is useful for 'flipping' section lines that will be used to create cross sections. Cross sections typically start a X = 0 at the beginning of the section line, and are drawn to the right with increasing distance along the section line. If the 'from' point is on the opposite end of the section line that the user intended, this tool can be used to reverse the orientation of the line so that the 'from' point is where the user intended for the beginning of the line to be. While this tool was intended for use with section line, it can be used on any polyline feature class.

The following fields are available. Required fields are marked with a ArcGIS required - green circle icon.png icon. Fields marked with a ArcGIS Error icon.png icon may either not be supported or the table doesn't exist.

  • Input Section Line Layer or Feature Class – Click the ArcGIS Browse button.png button to bring up the Input Section Line Layer or Feature Class dialog in order to specify the layer or feature class containing the section line(s) to flip. The tool works on a selected set of section line features. If no features are selected the tool will run on all section line features.
  • HydroID of Section Line to Flip – Optional. Enter the HydroID of a single section line that is to be flipped. Alternatively, you can select the desired line(s) to flip in ArcMap with the Select Features tool.