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GMS makes use of a wide range of formats for both input and output data.

GMS Project File

GMS can save entire projects as a project group file (*.gpr). Feature objects, projections, data objects, and other general settings will be saved. This file will reference the location of all external files (shapefiles, images, CAD files, etc.) used in the project. It is recommended that the project file be created where all of the external files are located. If the project file is moved, GMS will prompt for the location of any external files used in the project.

Import Formats

GMS can import various formats as documented on the File Import Wizard Supported File Formats article. Furthermore, GMS contains custom interfaces to import shapefiles, CAD data, USGS DEMs, GIS grids, GeoStudio files, and image files.

GMS Version 6.5 and Up

Starting at version 6.5 the GMS project file switched to a binary HDF5 format. The format is proprietary and not documented but the user can examine the contents of the project file using a free HDF5 browser application. Some things in the project file, like TINs and meshes, follow the XMDF standard. Editing the HDF5 project file can corrupt it and make it unreadable by GMS and is highly discouraged.

Old GMS File Formats

This PDF file documents file formats used by GMS previous to version 6.5. Current versions of GMS can still read these files.