GMS:MODFLOW SUB Package Workflow

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To use the SUB (Subsidence) package in an existing MODFLOW project, use the following processes:

1. Begin with an existing MODFLOW project.
The existing model can be created using the conceptual model or grid based approach.
2. Enable the SUB package.
  1. Select MODFLOW | Global Options.
  2. In the MODFLOW Global/Basic Package dialog, select the Packages button.
  3. In the MODFLOW Packages/Processes dialog, select the SUB – Subsidence option.
3. Define SUB package options.
  1. Select the MODFLOW | Optional Packages | SUB – Subsidence… menu command.
  2. Define parameters in the MODFLOW SUB Package dialog.
  1. Save Save Macro.svg the project.
  2. Run MODFLOW Run MODFLOW Macro.svg.