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GMS project template files have a *.gpt extension and are similar to project files (*.gpr extension) but they only store setting information such as display options and not object data such as a grid or TIN. Project template files are useful for saving and reusing project settings. For example, if preferring a certain set of units, set them up any way desired and save a project template file. Then, whenever starting a new project, start by opening that template file and the units will be restored to how previously set.

To save a project template file, simply use the Save As command and select "Project Template Files (*.gpt)" as the file type.

Normal Template

The normal template is a project template file named "normal.gpt" which GMS looks for on startup or whenever the New command is executed. If GMS finds the file, it reads the file and restores the settings found in the file as with any other project template file. GMS looks in the system AppData folder which, for Windows 7, is something like "C:\users\(user name)\appdata\roaming\Aquaveo\GMS".