GMS:What's New in GMS 10.2

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The following is a list of the more significant changes that will be introduced in GMS 10.2.

    1. PEST support for MODFLOW-USG, including a new tutorial
    2. Support for "CONTINUE" option in NWT solver
  2. UGrids
    1. Import UGrid points, 2D and 3D
    2. Deleting UGrid points
    3. Deleting UGrid cells
    4. Constraints
    5. Lock/Unlock for editing
    6. Swap edge tool
    7. Split / Merge tool (split quads to triangles, merge triangles to quads)
    8. Clip display option and tool for cutaway views
    9. Exporting to Shapefile without MODFLOW data
    10. Triangulation of points
    11. Points not displayed if point contours are on
  3. Miscellaneous
    1. New tutorial on projections
    2. Removed the option from the Preferences dialog for choosing the graphics library (software vs. system). Now the installer includes two ways to launch GMS, one using software graphics, one using system graphics.
    3. Support for multisampling of graphics (smoother graphics) preference
    4. Command added to the Windows menu to open the Selection Echo window.
    5. UGrid included in Convert to CAD
    6. Plot windows are outside the GMS main window
    7. Double-click opens Properties of various Project Explorer items
    8. Properties menu commands all now at bottom of all context menus for consistency
    9. Improved font in Text Import Wizard
    10. Improved legend for color filled contours