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The more significant new features in GMS 6.5 are listed below.

This help wiki

The GMS help file has been converted into this wiki, which can be constantly updated ... by anyone! It's a work in progress, but we're excited that this will result in much better and broader help. Feel free to contribute! If you're new to the idea of a wiki, try looking at the User's Guide.
This wiki hosts not just GMS related help, but also help for SMS and WMS. All the pages pertaining to GMS are in the GMS 'namespace' and will be preceded with the text 'GMS:'. For example, GMS's Quick Tour page is titled 'GMS:Quick Tour - Intro'.

MODFLOW enhancements

A number of enhancements to GMS's MODFLOW interface have been included in GMS 6.5.
  • Faster model runs with pilot points
    Pilot point interpolation is now computed by a DLL called by MODFLOW, instead of using many multiplier arrays. The end result is much faster model runs, and smaller input files.
  • Data stored in HDF5 files
    MODFLOW array and list data are now stored in a binary format that MODFLOW reads. This significantly improves the speed of reading and writing MODFLOW files, and makes for much smaller file sizes. GMS still can export native MODFLOW ASCII files. Of course, native MODFLOW 2000 text files can still be exported from GMS.

Multi-panel Borehole Cross Section Editor

The Borehole Cross Section Editor has been overhauled, and can now show multiple panels.

UTEXAS slope stability interface

An exciting new model has been added to GMS, UTEXAS.

KMZ file export

KMZ files can be exported from GMS and imported into Google Earth.

Codec selector for animations

Previously, animations were always created in AVI format. Now GMS determines the codecs available on the computer and lists them in the dialog. You can select the codec you want to use when creating an animation.

Import data from the internet directly into GMS

Now you can download image data from the internet and have it added directly into your GMS project.

Support for AutoCAD 2008 (and earlier) version DWG/DXF files

GMS can now import the latest AutoCAD generated files.