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The Velocity Series Editor is used to define velocity versus time for ADH Dirichlet flow velocity boundary conditions. A velocity must be defined by specifying its x and y components. The components are used to calculate the velocity magnitude and direction.

Dialog Controls

Data spreadsheet contains three columns for time and velocity components. Define the series by entering values into each cell. When the empty row (last row) is edited, a new empty row will be appended. The empty row does not have any value and is not part of the series definition. An undefined series consists of only the empty row. Every cell of the series (the empty row is excluded) must contain a value and cannot be "blanked out" (left undefined). Copy and paste are enabled for the cells, and the spreadsheet cells include a right-click menu.

Insert New Row Above tool and spreadsheet right-click menu option will insert a row above the spreadsheet selection. The new row's values will be interpolated from the rows directly above and below, unless the new row is inserted above the spreadsheet's first row, in which case the values will be copied from the row directly below. This is only available if there is a spreadsheet selection that is not limited to just the empty row.

Delete Row(s) tool and spreadsheet right-click menu option will delete the row(s) included in the spreadsheet selection. The entire row(s) will be removed from the spreadsheet and all rows below the deletion will be shifted up. Since every cell of the series must contain a value, to remove a specific value, that value must be edited or the entire row (all three values) must be removed.

Curve Name text edit field specifies the name that will be associated with the curve defined in the spreadsheet. The ADH Dirichlet flow velocity series are written to file as two separate curves (velocity x component versus time and velocity y component versus time, using the same time values) so this name will be applied to and written out with both series definitions.

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