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Starting at version 12.2 there is a free version of SMS called "Community Version." This version provides limited access to the SRH-2D model interface. Current versions of SMS will run in Community Version until a valid license code is used to register SMS.

Please note technical support is not provided for the Community Version.

The Community Version main capabilities and limitations are as follows:

Feature Notes and Limitations
2D Mesh Module Limited to one mesh. Meshing options limited to paving and patches.
Conceptual/Map Module
SRH-2D Interface Limited to one simulation.
Import GIS Data (*.dhp, *.dem, *.asc, etc.) Export to GIS or shapefile not available.
Import CAD Data (*.dwg, *.dxf, *.dgn, etc.) Export to CAD format not available.
Import Terrain Data (*.xyz, *.las, *.h5, *.tin, etc.)
Import HEC-RAS Cross Sections Does not include exporting HEC-RAS files.
Import Images
Online Maps
Dataset Toolbox and Data Calculator Limited features. Starting with SMS 13.1
Generate animation (film loops) Starting with SMS 13.1
Export feature objects to shapefile Starting with SMS 13.1

Features and Capabilities NOT available in the Community Version
Advanced Meshing Tools including Scalar Paving Density
Export GIS Files
Export CAD Files
Texture Mapping
ARR Plots and Mesh Quality Scatter Sets
Feature Stamping
Functional Surface
Calibration Tools
Observation Tools and Plots

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