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SMS stores all of the Generic Model input parameters in a 2D mesh file (*.2dm). Since this stores the parameters, the file can be used as a template for multiple projects. It is not necessary for the generic model to include feature objects, though if feature objects have been created they will be saved in the 2D mesh file.

This 2D mesh file includes:

  • The mesh – Identifies the file as a 2d mesh file.
    • Node locations – Defines the ID and location for each node of the mesh.
    • Element type – Identifies the type of element. Options are:
      • Triangle or quadrilateral
      • Linear or quadratic
    • Element connectivity
  • Global parameters – Sets the model name, units, state, time units, time steps, and other parameters. Also manages parameter groups and dependencies.
    • Global parameter assignment
  • Boundary conditions – Defines boundary conditions display options, values, dependencies, defaults, parameter group assignment, etc.... Options include:
    • Nodal boundary conditions
    • Nodestring boundary conditions
    • Element boundary conditions
  • Material properties – Defines material values, defaults, dependencies, and parameters.

For more information, see the 2D Mesh File (*.2dm) article.

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