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The SMS Intermediate Release Notess page for SMS 10.1.

SMS 10.1 Intermediate Release Bugfixes

SMS 10.1.11 - Released January 24, 2011

  1. Fixed a problem where doing film loops with cartesian grids with transient datasets used the same time step over and over rather than cycling through the timesteps.
  2. Fixed crash using Map->Scatter.
  3. Fixed an issue where PTM particles would "jump" when going inactive due to improper treatment of NULL values.
  4. Fixed a crash when using ADCIRC<->CMS-WAVE steering module.
  5. Fixed a problem where the volume reported for selected elements is off.

SMS 10.1.10 - Released October 25, 2010

  1. Fixed a problem with converting cartesian grid data to a scatterset.
  2. Fixed a problem where SMS was not saving the georeferencing information for an image.
  3. Fixed zonal classification so it will work correctly with multiple zones and with dynamic solutions correctly.
  4. Fixed a problem where NULL values were not plotted correctly.
  5. Fixed a crash that sometimes occured when going to the page setup dialog.
  6. Fixed a crash that could occur when displaying vectors along nodes in a coverage.
  7. Fixed an issue where the palette used for contour values is not saved and restored with the project.

SMS 10.1.9 - Released September 10, 2010

  1. Fixed an issue with scatter datasets created incorrectly sometimes with data calculator.
  2. Fixed a crash that occurred at times when saving a project after duplicating a scatter set.
  3. Fixed a crash when trying to define a domain using selected vertices.
  4. Fixed an issue with hot starting CMS steering runs.
  5. Fixed a problem where created CGWAVE nodestrings don't get saved with the project.

SMS 10.1.8 - Released July 30, 2010

  1. Fixed a problem where all Bouss2D probes had the results from the first probe.
  2. Fixed a crash interpolating to an ADCIRC grid.
  3. Fixed a problem deleting scatter points.
  4. Fixed a problem where multiple grids could have the same GUID causing one not to get displayed.
  5. Fixed a problem when using Bouss2D and spectra dws files the direction of the wavemaker was not working correctly.
  6. Fixed a problem where SMS would not startup if they moved their "My documents" folder.

SMS 10.1.7 - Released June 17, 2010

  1. Changed the function that copies an STWAVE or CMS-Wave simulation to create a separate copy of the spectra for the new simulation.
  2. Added output files to the data distributed with the RMA2 tutorial
  3. Made a change to where SMS save the log file for TUFLOW to allow non-administrative users to run the model.
  4. Fixed the interactive tool for dragging column boundaries in a CMS grid.
  5. A new update for CMS-Flow resolved a few model crashes that had been reported.
  6. Fixed a bug in mesh generation that occurred when degenerate loops (made out of degenerate arcs) exist in the conceptual model.
  7. Fixed a problem with filtering large dataset using the angle filter.
  8. Fixed a problem related to duplicate node tolerance that occurred when triangulating geographic data.
  9. Fixed the infra gravity wave toolbox for generating input to CGWAVE. This fix also required the distribution of additional utilities in the BOUSS2D folder in the models folder.
  10. Fixed a problem in saving the contour options for a dataset. These were not being preserved from one session to the next with a project.
  11. Fixed a problem interpolating from one scatter set to another.
  12. Fixed a crash that occurred if a user hit the ESC key while saving a scatter set.
  13. Fixed a problem in the color of a grid cell changing.
  14. Fixed a crash in zonal classification.
  15. Fixed a problem when reading ".3dm" files so that the datasets associated with these files are opened automatically.
  16. Fixed a crash that occurred when trying to generate a full circle domain around a single point on a coastline arc.
  17. Fixed the text that appears when you hover over the Select Grid Frame tool.

SMS 10.1.6 - Released May 3, 2010

  1. When saving/loading a FESWMS model the nodestrings do not get duplicated and retain the original direction.
  2. Fixed a problem where some of the FESWMS material properties were not being saved correctly.
  3. Fixed a crash reading some older annotation files.
  4. Potentially Breaking Change - We changed SMS so we no longer provide path information to RMA4 for RMA2 solution files. The issue is that RMA4 does not support very long file names and the binary geometry file has to be in the same folder. We recommend saving/running your RMA4 model in the same directory as you run RMA2. Otherwise, you will need to copy the appropriate files into the same folder as RMA4.
  5. Fixed an issue where a reference to PTM solution files were not being referenced in the project file.
  6. Fixed an issue with appending mesh files that lead to bad values at element centroids.

SMS 10.1.5 - Released March 11, 2010

  1. Fixed the issue with merging meshes that have duplicate or near duplicate nodes deleting border elements and preventing a clean merge.
  2. Fixed a problem where SMS was not saving the PTM setting for "Source and trap z-value relative to datum"
  3. Fixed a problem with the generic model interface that resulted in duplicate global parameter tabs when a 2dm file with the same parameter group was read in.
  4. Fixed an issue that occurred when certain projections were used with Cartesian grids. The problem happened when using the tutorial files with CMS-Flow. The tutorial files have also been changed to the correct projection.
  5. Fixed an issue with display vectors on a grid from CMS-Flow solutions.
  6. Fixed an issue where certain CMS-Flow/CMS-Wave steering files would crash during the steering process if some of the cells along the CMS-Flow boundary condition went dry.
  7. In CMS-Flow the grid is automatically oriented so the origin is in the lower left. This was not working properly and has been fixed.
  8. When adding points to a scatter set, all but the active dataset are deleted. At times the wrong dataset was left. This has been fixed.

SMS 10.1.4 - Released Feb 12, 2010

  1. Fixed a meshing bug that appeared in the last update.
  2. Fixed a problem reading some ADCIRC fort.15 files.
  3. Fixed displaying scatter scalar values colored by contour scheme.
  4. Fixed a BOUSS2D model crash that seemed to happen more with Vista and Windows 7.
  5. SMS now opens project files correctly when you double click on them.
  6. Fixed the data calculator Max(:all) and Min(:all) functions used to determine the max or min of a dataset through all timesteps.
  7. Fixed an issue where the materials boundary lines were not updated correctly when changes were made to the assigned materials.
  8. Fixed an error with the generic model interface reading and writing model parameters.
  9. Fixed some problems with the "Viz" package where features were not accessible like they should be.
  10. Fixed an issue with reading some RMA2 solution files. The files this affected was quite rare.
  11. Fixed a problem with the scatter vertex tolerance in geographic coordinates. This duplicate node tolerance is now always m in geographic coordinates. The conversion isn't precise so it is an approximate value.
  12. Fixed an issue where the label on the initial water surface elevation in a RMA2 simulation was not being updated when the coordinate system of the project changed.
  13. Fixed the graphic and manual for FESWMS wind direction graphics and explanation.
  14. Fixed a problem in the last update where reprojecting cartesian grids removed variable cell widths in CMS-Flow.

SMS 10.1.3 - Released Jan 11, 2010

  1. Fixed a problem where the incident wave condition was not being saved for CGWAVE
  2. SMS defaults ADCIRC fort.73 files to more appropriate names when read in
  3. Fixed a background image shift that was happening in transient animations
  4. Fixed a problem that lead to a bad contour value with CMS-Flow solutions
  5. Reintroduced ability to choose Map to 2D Mesh on an area property coverage to modify the materials in your mesh
  6. Fixed a problem where build polygons was reseting the material types for the polygons
  7. Fixed STWAVE so it ouputs ASCII files when they are selected for output
  8. Fixed a problem reading PTM source files
  9. Fixed a problem where doing a save as project with a PTM simulation referenced the old PTM files
  10. Removed distinguishment of land and water cells in STWAVE and CMS-Wave since no such specification exists in the models. This was causing some cells with solution data to not be displayed.
  11. Fixed an issue with CGWave 1d depth extraction not working.
  12. Fixed a problem where vectors were not saved to a jpeg correctly if the scale was greater than 1.0
  13. Fixed a problem where SMS would sometimes freeze when trying to delete duplicate nodes. This happened particularly when the tolerance was large compared to the average spacing between nodes.
  14. Fixed a problem where CMS-Wave spectra were incorrectly read in as full plane spectra.
  15. SMS now correctly stores the reflection coefficient for CGWAVE
  16. Fixed a problem with displaying cellstrings that had portions with negative z elevations.

SMS 10.1.2 - Released Nov 16, 2009

  1. SMS now reads in fort.61 files correctly.
  2. SMS now creates FESWMS weir IDs correctly.
  3. Fixed a problem where contoured functional surfaces were not displayed correctly.
  4. The feature stamping dialog no longer truncates the words in dialog.
  5. Fixed the roughness by depth image in the FESWMS material property dialogs.
  6. Fixed a problem where you couldn't turn off the legend for contoured functional surfaces.
  7. Readded the capability to do Map->2D Mesh from an area property coverage to copy roughness parameters to an existing mesh.
  8. SMS now correctly updates the screen when triangle edges are swapped without requiring a manual refresh command.
  9. Fixed a problem that profile plots with multiple arcs were not being displayed correctly.
  10. SMS can again show images in the background of flow trace animations.
  11. Fixed a problem with exporting meshes as tabular data files in the 64-bit version.
  12. Fixed a problem where adding scatter points into an existing scatter set caused SMS to hang.
  13. Fixed a problem where converting a scatter contour to an arc broke contour display in other modules.
  14. Fixed some issues with vectors not updating correctly when changing the view.
  15. Fixed an issue where time-series plots of flux were not being computed correctly in the Cartesian Grid Module.
  16. Fixed a problem where splitting a BOUSS2D cellstring caused SMS to hang.
  17. Fixed a problem interpolating vector datasets to a STWAVE grid.

SMS 10.1.1 - Released Oct 26, 2009


New Tutorial – Working with TINs (scattersets) in SMS. Includes guidance on using breaklines and other new features in SMS 10.1

Updated Tutorials – Google Earth tutorial has been updated to show the difference between exporting Raster and Vector KMZ files and to demonstrate how to build KMZ filmloops. The ADCIRC tutorial files have also been updated.

Executables and dlls

The CGWAVE executable for the original installation was incorrect. The correct executable is now being distributed

The correct BOUSS2D executable is now being distributed.

Some of the dll's in the original installation were the incorrect versions. These have been fixed.


  1. Windows 7 File Management – There have been some issues with the settings files used by SMS due to inablity to write in the program files area on Windows 7 and/or Vista. These files have been moved to a user area that can be written.
  2. Importing Observation points – Some problems importing observation points have been fixed.
  3. Fixed the “Zoom to “ menu items when right clicking on an object in the project explorer.
  4. Fixed problems related to reproject scattersets.
  5. Fixed a problem with how SMS writes TUFLOW input files when using weirs over structures.
  6. Fixed some problems relating to merging/splitting rows or columns in CMS-Flow.
  7. Fixed functional surface contour legends.
  8. Fixed a problem reading some generic model interface files.

Known Issues

We are currently working to find solutions to the following known issues:

  • SMS 10.1 may not run on virtual machines

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