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Arc Hydro Groundwater is a data model and a suite of tools for groundwater data that is integrated with ESRI's ArcGIS. GMS can import and export data in a geodatabase consistent with the Arc Hydro Groundwater standard.

Export to Arc Hydro Groundwater

To export data from GMS into an Arc Hydro Groundwater geodatabase, select the File | Save As menu command and change the file type to Arc Hydro Groundwater Geodatabase. In order for the export to be successful the following things must be true:

  • ArcObjects must be enabled.
  • The data must be in a non-local projection.

Import from Arc Hydro Groundwater

An Arc Hydro Groundwater geodatabase may be imported into GMS. This is done by enabling ArcObjects and, in the GIS module, selecting the GIS | Add Data menu command. Selecting the Arc Hydro Groundwater geodatabase from the Add Data dialog will display the items the geodatabase contains. The user may then select which items to import into GMS.