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The UGrid Cell Properties dialog allows editing cell properties. Most cell properties are associated with a model such as MODFLOW-USG. If no models exist in the GMS project then the UGrid Cell Properties dialog will only allow editing of the material assigned to the grid cell.


Several input arrays defining parameters such as starting head, IBOUND, hydraulic conductivity, and transmissivity are defined in the Global/Basic and BCF or LPF packages. These arrays can be edited in the Basic and BCF/LPF/HUF Package dialogs, or they can be initialized using a conceptual model in the Map module. In many cases however, it is necessary to view or edit the values on a cell-by-cell basis. This can be accomplished using the Cell Properties command in the drop-down menu when selecting UGrid cells.

Note: When using materials to define the MODFLOW model, the Cell Properties dialog will show the material properties relating to the material of the selected cell. It is not possible to edit these values on a cell-by-cell basis, but it is possible to either edit the material type for this cell if the active material set is the default material set, or change the material properties for the material (which affects every cell that uses that material).
3D Grid Cell Properties dialog showing the MODFLOW tab.