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The following is a start at a list of the more significant changes that will be introduced in GMS 8.3.

  2. MODPATH Color Pathlines by Cell Zone Code
    • A new MODPATH display option has been added to color pathlines by the zone code the line is in. The color of the pathline will change as it hits different zone codes. This can be used to show when pathlines enter different layers, or other grid areas.
  3. MODPATH Starting Locations from 3D Scatter Points and Vice Versa
  4. Shapefiles -> 3D Scatter Points and vice versa
    • Previously you could create 2D scatter points from point shapefiles, and export 2D scatter points to shapefiles. Now we've expanded this to 3D scatter points. Furthermore, if the shapefile is 3D (z enabled) the z values will be transferred to the 3D scatter points.
  5. ISTCB2 Option in MODFLOW STR and SFR Package Supported
    • A long overdue feature in GMS has been implemented - support for the ISTCB2 option in the MODFLOW STR and SFR packages. Now GMS will turn this option on by default so that flows out of each stream reach are included in the CCF info and work the same as other CCF data. The option to save the information as a text file is also supported.
    • "Streamflow Out" of each reach is saved in separate CCF file (ccf2) so that it doesn't get included with the flow budget (since it doesn't affect the aquifer).
  6. Improved water table display
    • The water table display option, available in ortho mode, side view, has been updated to handle MODFLOW-NWT solutions and to give a more appealing display.
  7. New tutorials
    • New MNW2 package tutorial.
    • New Stochastic Inverse modeling tutorial.
    • New MT3DMS Heat Transport modeling tutorial.
    • 3 New SEAWAT tutorials review more of the options available in SEAWAT.
    • New FEMWATER Transport modeling tutorial.
    • New MODFLOW STR package tutorial.
  8. MT3DMS Improvements
    • Support for Steady State Stress Periods in BTN package.
    • Support for STR, MNW1, DRT, ETS in SSM package.
    • Improved interface for specifying Point Sources/Sinks and Areal Sources/Sinks with selected cells.
    • Support for Zero-order reaction in RCT package.
    • Support for Component-Dependent Diffusion option in DSP package (DMCOEF specified per species).
  9. No License Required for Community Edition
    • GMS will now work in a limited mode without any license. Previously this mode was called "Community Edition" but it required a license (which could be obtained for free). Now you can download and install GMS and it will work in this limited mode as soon as it is installed - no license required.
  10. Report A Bug
    • Bugs are easier to report and get fixed with the new Report A Bug command in the Help menu.