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The following menus are available in the 2D Mesh Module:

Standard Menus

Includes the File, Edit, Display, and other standard menus. See SMS Menus for more information.

Module Specific Menus

Right-Click Menu

Right-clicking on the Mesh Data folder 2D Mesh Folder.svg in the Project Explorer has the option to bring up the Display Options dialog.

Right-clicking on a Mesh item 2D Mesh Icon.svg in the Project Explorer will bring up the following menu options:

  • New Folder – Creates a new folder under the mesh item
  • Rename – Allows changing the active mesh name. Names need to be unique, hence if a non-unique name is entered, a warning message will appear and the name will be reverted. Apostrophes and special characters should not be used.
  • Duplicate – this command will create a duplicate of the active mesh, along with its model data. The name of the new mesh will be the same as the original mesh, but with an appended number.
  • Remove – Deletes the active mesh.
  • Interpolate to – Bring ups the Interpolation Options dialog. This dialog is used to interpolate scatter set values to a 2D mesh, Cartesian grid, Ugrid, or quadtree.
  • Convert – Converts mesh to map, UGrid, or 2D scatter.
  • Export – Exports your project from SMS.
  • Export Datasets – Exports your data from SMS into notes or other apps.
  • Snap Mesh to Arc – Snaps the Mesh to the arcs created.
  • Projection – Allows setting the projection of the mesh.
  • Reproject – Allows reprojecting the projection of the mesh.
  • Zoom to Mesh – Zooms to where the mesh is located within the Graphic Window.
  • Metadata – Allows making annotations.
  • Properties – Opens a Mesh Properties dialog that shows information about the mesh.

Model Specific Menus