SMS:Feature Stamping Workflow

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To build a feature stamp, use the following steps:

To construct geometric features, such as channels or embankments, that are not represented in the existing geometric surface.

1. Create a stamping coverage.
Create a new coverage with the "Stamping" type.
1. Create new coverage from scratch.
  1. Select Map Data in the Project Explorer and use the New Coverage right-click command.
  2. Use the New Coverage dialog to create a new coverage by selecting the desired coverage type, and naming the coverage.
2. Create new coverage from an existing coverage.
  1. Use the Duplicate command on an existing coverage. This will copy any feature objects on the coverage.
  2. Use the Rename command to give the coverage a new name.
  3. Change the coverage type.
2. Create a centerline arc in the stamping coverage.
  1. Select the Create Feature Arc SMS Create Arc Tool.svg tool and create a centerline arc in the Graphics Window.
3. Assign attributes to the centerline arc.
  1. Right-click on the centerline arc with the Select Feature Arc SMS Select Arc Tool.svg tool and select the Attributes command.
  2. In the Stamping Arc Attributes dialog, assign attributes to the centerline arc including:
    • The elevation along the centerline.
    • The cross sections along the centerline
4. Stamp the feature.
  1. Use the Convert → Stamp Features ... right-click command.