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Generic model coverage is for a Generic model. The generic model interface spans both the map and the mesh modules. To build a generic model, create a Generic Model coverage and assign arc boundary conditions based on the types defined in the generic model template. Also attributes can be assigned to feature points in the coverage.

More information about a meshing coverage can be found under the article Coverages.

Convert Map feature arc and point attributes to mesh nodestring and node attributes

A Generic 2D Mesh coverage in Map module can be used to create feature points and arcs. These points and arcs can then be assigned attributes. This is done by double-clicking on either the feature point or feature arc. For points, a dialog will appear to assign node or element boundary conditions. For arcs, the process is similar to nodes but the attributes will be assigned on the arc. When doing a Map→2D Mesh, point node boundary conditions will be assigned to the nearest node. Point element conditions will be assigned to the nearest element. Mesh nodestrings will be created and assigned from the nodes nearest the feature arc.

Convert a Map to 2D Mesh

To convert a map to a mesh, right-click on the map default or active coverage. Then select Convert | Map→2D Mesh. A dialog is displayed. If a mesh already exists, choose to delete it or to map the attributes to the existing mesh.

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