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The following new features have been added to SMS 13.3:


Community Version

  • Expanded Community Version to include basic functionality for:
    • ADCIRC
    • AdH
    • CMS-Flow
    • STWAVE


  • Toolbox reorganization (Naming convention)
  • Toolbox updates
    • Auto-Backup
      • Mesh Backup
      • Mesh Reload
    • 2D Mesh folder
    • Coverages tools
      • Contours from Raster Elevations
      • Polygons from UGrid Boundary
    • UGrid tools
      • Fill Holes in UGrid
      • Refined UGrid
      • UGrid from Coverage
      • UGrid from Surface
      • 2D Data from 3D Data
      • Lloyd Optimizer
    • Dataset to Raster tools (Total refactor)
      • Raster from Dataset
      • WSE/Depth Raster from Dataset
    • Refactored Raster tools
      • Smooth Raster
      • Reproject Raster
    • Polygons from Arcs (Total refactor for automation)
    • Curvilinear grid tools (CH3D, EFDC)
      • Import Curvilinear Grid
      • Export Curvilinear Grid
    • Polygons from UGrid Boundary (boundary to polygons)


  • Normal depth calculator modified to support DEM geometry source
  • Improved advanced web services support
  • New support of color palettes and management of same
  • Improved ARR plot
  • Improved terminology for the mesh generation methods to indicate quadrilateral or triangular mesh generation
  • Added functionality for the display of Selection Information. The full list of selected items for mesh nodes, feature arcs and feature polygons are now displayed. When the selection information is being echoed to a window or file, the selection list includes attributes for each selected item. This can be useful when processing a group of entities because the full list is displayed.


3D Structures

  • Autogeneration of mesh through structure
  • Generation of 3D UGrid to represent structure


  • Able to use concave polygons
  • Fill a hole in a mesh
  • Lock nodes
  • Preview in separate window
  • Improved display controls
  • Able to refine quadtrees


  • UGrids supported for simulations
  • Model execution update
    • No false positives
    • Only calls HY-8 one time if multiple sims run – no collision
  • Scour calculator updates
  • DIP file support