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When the 1D River Module is active, the following menus are available.

Standard Menus

The 1D river module makes use of the File, Edit, Display, and other standard menus.

See SMS Menus for more information.

Module Specific Menus

The 1D river module contains a Data menu with the following commands:

Create Visualization Tin
Creates a scatter set that is triangulated and can be exported as a TIN.
Rivhyd to Scatter
Creates a scatter set of the river schematics.

Model Specific Menus

The HEC-RAS model makes use of the 1D river module. The HEC-RAS menu has the following commands:

Delete Simulation
The link SMS maintains to the current HEC-RAS simulation project file is deleted.
Material Properties...
SMS uses an Area Property coverage to map the roughness line properties to segments of a cross section. The cross sections store the material property ID's and in order for SMS to correctly associate a material ID with an actual roughness they must be defined using the HES-RAS Material Properties dialog.
Model Control...
Brings up the HEC-RAS Model Control dialog which allows applying roughness to a cross section databases.

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