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To create a 3D bridge representation in an existing SMS project, use the following steps:

1. Create an 3D bridge map coverage.
Create a new coverage with the "3D Bridge" type.
1. Create new coverage from scratch.
  1. Select Map Data in the Project Explorer and use the New Coverage right-click command.
  2. Use the New Coverage dialog to create a new coverage by selecting the desired coverage type, and naming the coverage.
2. Create new coverage from an existing coverage.
  1. Use the Duplicate command on an existing coverage. This will copy any feature objects on the coverage.
  2. Use the Rename command to give the coverage a new name.
  3. Change the coverage type.
2. Create arcs representing the upstream and downstream side of the bridge location.
  1. Select the Create Feature Arc SMS Create Arc Tool.svg tool and create an arc representing the side of the bridge in the Graphics Window.
3. Define the bridge profile.
  1. Right-click on the 3D bridge coverage and select Edit Bridge.
  2. In the Bridge dialog, define the top profile, upstream profile, and downstream profile.
4. Export the bridge profile.
  1. In the Bridge dialog, select the Export 3D Bridge button.
  2. Use the Save dialog to save out a XmUGrid file for the bridge.
5. Import the bridge profile.
  1. Load a XmUGrid file from local computer files using the File | Open... command.
  2. Alternatively, drag and drop the file into the Graphics Window in SMS.